Natural Skin Inflatable Butt Plug with Pump

Pump Up Your Ass to the Limit Using the Fantastic Natural Skin Inflatable Butt Plug with Pump
? Easy to use pump
? Flared base that prevents too deep penetration
? Tapered tip for easy insertion
This butt plug allows you to start with minimum filling and pump the shaft to the girth and filling that you feel more comfortable in. This is an ideal butt plug that can help train your butt to accommodate much filling. The pump is easy to use and releases air conveniently. You only need to insert the plug in your ass and pump the inflatable Bodies and Playsuits shaft to the level that your ass can accommodate. The pump will easily deflate since it has a valve that lets air out easily.
The shaft of the butt plug has a tapered tip for ease insertion, and it is advisable to apply plenty of water-based lube so as to obtain maximum pleasures and to reduce unwanted friction. The flared base of this plug prevents too deep penetration.
This plug is made of body safe material and can be used by even those individuals with sensitive skin. You can use the plug during solo play or with a partner. Clean the toy thoroughly after every use.